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14 July 2017
Mainstreaming Migration into National Development Strategies, Newsletter, June 2017
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27 June 2017
The thousandth refugee family receives a housing solution under the Regional Housing Programme
The family of Mrs. Milosava Gnjatović from Pančevo is the thousandth being awarded a roof over the head under the Regional Housing Programme (RHP). Mr. Ivica Dačić, First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the Commission for Coordination of the Process of Permanent Integration of Refugees of the Government of the Republic of Serbia handed over the keys to the Gnjatović-Marić family. On that occasion, Minister Dačić thanked the present donors and ... more
26 June 2017
The 14th meeting of the RHP Fund Assembly of Donors and 10th meeting of the Steering Committee took place in Belgrade
The 14th meeting of the RHP Fund Assembley of Donors and the 10th meeting of the RHP Steering Committee took place in Belgrade on 26 June 2017 at the Palace of Serbia. The Assembley of Donors decided to approve Serbia new project worth in total 19,9 EUR million, as well as new project to Bosnia and Hercegovina worth 11,1 milion. The meetings were attended by the RHP Partner Countries Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and ... more
15 June 2017
Mainstreaming Migration Newsletter, May 2017
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20 May 2017
Mainstreaming Migration Newsletter, April 2017
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19 April 2017
Mainstreaming Migration Newsletter, March 2017
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4 April 2017
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Commissariat for Refugees
We thought that this institution would be short lived
Some 25 years have elapsed since the establishment of the Commissariat for Refugees. At the very outset of this period, no one could have expected that almost a quarter of a century later, we would, quite sadly I might add, still be dealing with those issues with which we were confronted when this endeavor began.The Commissariat for Refugees was itself formed with the very notion that it would not last very long, that it would ... more
23 March 2017
State of Serbia does not buy houses for migrants
Serbia has not earmarked from the budget some 320 million dinars to improve the living conditions of migrants. Also, it does not intend to provide migrant families with 200,000 dinars for starting a business, nor to provide 1.4 million for the purchase of rural houses, as it was stated completely inaccurately in a daily newspaper. Reality is that the government at its session held on 17 March 2017 adopted the By-law on Regulation on the Implementation ... more
17 March 2017
The foundation stone for the construction of 40 apartments for refugees in Sremska Mitrovica, under the second sub-project of the Regional Housing Project of the Republic of Serbia
Foundation stone for the construction of 40 apartments for refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina and  Croatia under the second sub-project of the Regional Housing Project of the Republic of Serbia (RHP) was laid today in Sremska Mitrovica. Construction works will take 11 months, and the work is performed by the Construction Company "Dijagonala". Sremska Mitrovica is the first of nine municipalities in which this year begins the construction of apartments under the second RHSP sub-project. Ttotal ... more
28 February 2017
Commissioner Cucić: Flats for another 2,000 refugee families in 2017
Regional Housing Program (RSP), which in Serbia aims to provide housing solutions for the most vulnerable refugee families from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, is in full swing. Mr. Vladimir Cucić, Commissioner for Refugees and Migration, said today in Novi Sad at the press conference organized in the framework of the annual meeting of the local trusteed for refugees, which this time is dedicated to the RHP, that so far six subprojects were approved totalling 104 ... more
29 January 2017
The highest representatives of the state visit the Reception center for migrants in Obrenovac
Ministers Aleksandar Vulin, Nebojša Stefanović and Zoran Djordjevic and Commissioner for Refugees Vladimir Cucić today visited the Reception center for migrants in Obrenovac and familiarized that migrants are provided with all the necessary help and that migrants are satisfied with the conditions in which they reside. Head of the UNHCR in Serbia Mr. Hans Friedrich Schodder and Obrenovac Mayor Mr. Miroslav Čučković also were members of the delegation. Minister for Labor, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs ... more
26 January 2017
Additional 200 migrants housed in the Reception center of Obrenovac
Commissariat for Refugees and Migration continues to inform migrants about the official accommodation facilities and to transport them from the inhumane conditions in the city center of Belgrade. On Monday 23 January, another 66 migrants were transferred to the Reception center of Obrenovac, on Tuesday another 68, and on Wednesday another 67. Employees of the Commissariat continue to inform migrants about all kinds of assistance available in the official accommodation facilities managed by the Commissariat for Refugees ... more
24 January 2017
British ambassador visits Reception centers in the town of Sid
His Excellency Denis Keefe, the British Ambassador, visited yesterday reception centers Sid Station and Adaševci.Working visit included a tour of the center, discussion with the employees administering the centers, as well as the short talk to the migrants staying at the centers in question.Assistant Commissioner Mr Ivan Gerginov familiarized ambassador of the United Kingdom with the functioning of the centers. ... more
18 January 2017
Three-day meeting in the town of Banja Koviljaca
The implementation of the Regional Housing Program (RHP), for the accommodation of refugees through grant measures, the acquisition of village households and the allocation of packages of construction materials was the main topic of the three-day meeting held in Banja Koviljaca and organized by the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia. The meeting was attended by Ms. Andrijana Petkovic from the Ministry for Public Administration and Local Self Government, by the Trustees ... more
1 January 2017
Reception-transit center Divljana put in function
A Reception-transit center Divljana center near the city of Nis, with the total capacity of 150 beds, began to accommodate migrants on 31 December 2016. This center houses families. Before the Center opening extensive works were completed in order to fully equip the building for this purpose. Namely, works on the rehabilitation of the first pavilion, the heating system, the rehabilitation of other pavilions for accommodation were completed, as well as construction works on the rehabilitation ... more
27 December 2016
Handover of keys of flats and prefabricated houses for refugees residing in the Municipality of Lazarevac
Ceremony of keys handing over (38 flats and 4 prefabricated houses) to refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia residing on the territory of Lazarevac Municipality took place today. Praising refugees for their patience Mr Vladimir Cucic, Commissioner for Refugees and Migration, said he was glad that refugee families will celebrate Christmas at their homes. "I am glad that the keys are delivered on the eve of New Year and Christmas because you will be able to ... more
20 December 2016
Renovation of two more barracks in the Asylum center of Krnjaca
Renovation of two more barracks in the Asylum center of Krnjaca Assistant Commissioner for Refugees and Migration, the Representative of the UN Refugee Agency, Regional Refugee Coordinator of the USA, Programme Manager of the Catholic Relief Services as well as representatives of the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation today opened two newly renovated barracks for refugees in the Asylum Centre of Krnjaca. Danijela Popovic-Rocco, Assistant Commissioner for Refugees and Migration noted that “In response to the large ... more
19 December 2016
Exhibition of photographs New home
Mr Vladimir Cucić, Commissioner for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia, said at the opening of photo exibition New home that EU allocated 77 million euros for Serbia under the Regional Housing Programme to help provosion of housing for some 45,000 refugees. On this occasion, Mr Cucic said that construction of 4 buildings in the village of Ovča with 235 apartments has started this year, while 270 apartments are planned for refugees in Kamendin, ... more
19 December 2016
Three meals per day for every migrant in the Reception-transit center of Presevo
Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, in cooperation with implement partners and donors, from the beginning of migrant crisis and founding of the Reception-transit center in Presevo in July 2015, provided three meals and snacks for each migrant in this center.On this occasion Commissariat expresses gratitude to all the implement partners and donors who help to provide food for migrants.It remains unclear in whose name representative of the Red Cross in Presevo speaks when he says ... more
19 December 2016
Presentation of the Regional Housing Programme in the municipality of Temerin
Municipality of Temerin hosted a presentation of the Regional Housing Programme regarding the purchase of rural households in Serbia on 15 December 2016. Within the first RHP subproject for the municipality of Temerin seven prefabricated houses are being awarded; within the second subproject four prefabricated houses and ten packages of construction materials; within the fourth subproject 20 apartments for housing in a socially supportive environment and 20 rural households; within the fifth subproject 64 apartments for ... more
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