3 June 2013
Minority return to Croatia - Study of an open process
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3 June 2013
Sustainability of minority return in Croatia
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4 April 2013
Assistance to refugees in the carriage of goods and persons to the country of origin
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21 March 2010
Process of voluntary repatriation of refugees to the Republic of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
A considerable number of refugees still residing in Serbia would be ready to return in the country of their origin, only if conditions for sustainable return were provided, that is, voluntary, safe and dignified return with an access to all rights through the respect and consistent implementation of all internationally acknowledged standards. Provision of durable solutions for refugees is only possible with the support of international community. Repatriation of refugees to the Republic of Croatia Based on ... more
20 January 2009
The Republic of Serbia has sheltered a total number of 850,000 people displaced by war since 1991. There are 97,000 refugees currently living in Serbia and 75% of them come from the Republic of Croatia. Republic of Serbia holds the view that one of the priorities of the good-neighbourly cooperation is just and durable solution of the refugee problem in the region in line with the Sarajevo Declaration signed in 2005 by the countries of ... more
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31 January 2006
The Sarajevo Declaration
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